End of year message from Sunny

Posted by in Santosha News | December 22, 2012

To all of those i have met, not met, loved, cried to and with, journeyed ardous times and joyous moments with – I want you to know that you have been a part of me peronally on some energetic level and ultimately you all form the essence of Santosha – for this I am truly, truly grateful for.

The Universe, indeed does not bring those into our lives that we want – it connects us to the people that are needed in ones life, to assist our journey in a way that can profoundly shape us into who we are meant to be.

To each of you that have landed on our new website and are reading through our new pages, my Christmas message to you is that you are all amazing, filled with beauty, are all strong yet gentle. To all of Santosha’s teachers, staff, students to be, students of the past – I love each of you dearly.

It is my hope and wish to the universe that all people live thier lives with ease, are supplied with the love  that allows each of them to live their lives to the fullest,  connect deeply to the love which lays within their souls, so they may all rise above. May the universe support each person so that they may shine brightly to guide not only their own path, but guide others in the hours of darkness where love perhaps may be lost. May the universe allow all people to be alive with awareness and be in each incredible moment of this odyssey we call “life”. Protect them at all times, connect them to each other and to our mother earth, let them know when they walk as one and alongside the Mother, they will always be exactly where they should be in that moment.

From Santosha’s collective heart to yours – may this time be of peace, happiness and joy and may 2013 bring you all you deserve, and may our hearts be open at all times.

May you be happy, May you be well and may you always be free from suffering.

Sunny xx

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Santosha Sunny Richards 122212 104 End of year message from Sunny

Santosha Sunny Richards 122212 106 End of year message from Sunny

Santosha Sunny Richards 122212 105 End of year message from Sunny


Santosha Sunny Richards 122212 102 End of year message from Sunny Santosha Sunny Richards 122212 107 End of year message from Sunny

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