Online Course Payment Policy

How to apply and pay for an Online YTT course

1. Complete and submit the application form found on REGISTRATION + BOOKING

2. Pay the required $250 AUD non-refundable but transferable deposit to Santosha via one of the methods listed below.

3. If choosing to stay onsite, e-mail Santosha your accommodation choice and follow the guidelines noted in your Practical Information document. Please CC Santosha on all communications with onsite Accommodation Mangers so we can ensure that you are well catered for.

4. If choosing a meal package, e-mail Santosha your meal package choice and follow the guidelines noted in your Practical Information document. Please CC Santosha on all communications with onsite Mangers so we can ensure that you are well catered for.

5. Please see below for payment options.

Payment Options (for both deposit/final balance).

1. Personal cheque (For Australians only)
2. Bank cheque (Please ensure it is converted to AUD$ before sending)
3. Money order
4. Credit cards (Due to banking charges there will be an additional 3.5% charge for using credit card option)
5. Direct deposit (Please ensure your name is clearly marked on the deposit so that Santosha can track this. To do this you must request that the bank place your name on the deposit).

Please email the Santosha accounts department the reference number, the date and the amount transferred.

admin [at]

All payments are due in Australian Dollars.

Please note that all prices are subject to GST.

Banking Information

Santosha Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Bank
18 Ceclia Street
St Helens TAS 7215
Swift Code: CTBAAU2S (s as in Sam)
BSB: 067018
Account #: 10039101

Santosha Postal Address
P.O. Box 183
Lennox Head NSW 2478, Australia

Santosha Pty Ltd – Australian Business Number (ABN)
91 124 275 207

Address of Santosha for banking purposes
Santosha Pty Ltd – P.O. 183
Lennox Head NSW 2478, Australia

Terms and Conditions Regarding Payment

A $250 non refundable/transferable deposit is payable upon application. The deposit is deducted from the total cost of the Teacher Training fee. If you choose to stay at any of our selected accommodation sites there will be a non refundable deposit required to hold your reservation (this is standard throughout Australia). Please refer to the Practical Information for the YTT you have chosen in regards to further information about the accommodation deposit. This is generally paid to the accommodation site/owner not Santosha.
If the balance of the course fee is not received by the notified due date a student’s place may be offered to someone on a waiting list.
Payment plans are available for certain circumstances. Please email the Director more info.
Full payment of YTT’s to be received 31 days prior to the commencement of the training.
A late fee of $100AUD applies if full payment is not received 7 days prior to commencement of the training.
This does not apply if the student has prearranged a late payment or if the student had joined the course at a late date.
Please note that all bank fees can change at any time. Santosha will endeavor to keep you informed at all times. However, please note that these fees can change and will be applied to your invoice.

Santosha provides a nurturing and safe environment and each participant is provided with all necessary care. We employ only instructors who are qualified and experienced. Santosha accepts no responsibility for any injuries incurred during the retreat. Medical history forms and waiver forms are to be completed and signed before the retreat begins. If you are unsure of your abilities due to previous injuries, please inform us beforehand. Modifications are given to students with special needs. Santosha has the right to cancel any event (Yoga Retreat or a Yoga Teacher Training) at any time if necessary, but will endeavour to do everything possible to ensure this does not occur.


If you have a grievance it must be put in writing, outlining your concerns and be sent by registered mail and/or given directly to The Director no later than the end date of the course that you are participating in. While we welcome feedback after the course, clearly late concerns affect our ability to rectify any perceived difficulties or problems, and therefore no refunds, adjustments, rectification can take place. Further, in the event of a grievance it is not automatic that a refund, rectification or adjustment will be made.

The principal reserves the rights to terminate without refund any student who is deemed to be unfit, unable or unwilling to participate in the course. Termination of said participant in the course will only occur after a prior warning has been issued. (A YTT requires 100% commitment and an open mind to learning — thus, beginner’s mind — before an exchange of yoga can take place between a teacher and a student.)

Extra Charges:

We may charge an administration and processing fee on food, and accommodation. This will be at our discretion, and may not necessarily be outlined to you at the time of booking.

Please also read our Terms And Conditions