Yoga teacher directory

Many graduates of Santosha’s yoga teacher trainings are out in the world, spreading their knowledge and love as fully qualified teachers. We highly recommend the following yoga teachers who have trained with Santosha if you are looking for someone in your area.

BeckyPell Yoga teacher directoryBecky Pell

Melbourne, Australia + England

Becky came to yoga in 2007 and it quickly became a passion which has enhanced every area of her life. She studied various forms of Hatha yoga, primarily Ashtanga and Yin, for 5 years before deciding that she wanted to share the incredible benefits of yoga with others. Becky completed Santosha’s YTT200 teacher training November 2012 in Bali, and is thrilled and honoured to be part of such an inspirational group of people. Studying with Santosha has been a life-changing experience and the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Becky loves to help people integrate yoga into their everyday lives. She likes to give students some “Takeaway Tools” with each class, so that they can sprinkle yoga throughout their day and not miss out if they can’t devote much time to practice. She specialises in short courses, and looks forward to introducing teenagers to yoga in schools. She continues to study and learn through other teachers, reading, and daily self-practice.

Professionally, Becky has spent the last 17 years travelling internationally with concert tours as a sound engineer, and is so grateful for the way that coming to the mat keeps her grounded when she is constantly on the move. She credits her morning meditation practice with keeping her sane and patient in difficult circumstances! She divides her time between Melbourne and her native England. Contact beckypell[at]

MalloryGross Yoga teacher directory
Mallory Gross

Los Angeles, USA

Mallory has the privilege of working with hundreds of children and their parents in the Los Angeles area.

Her first encounter with the splendour of yoga was at UC Berkeley, where she enrolled in two courses: Yoga for People with Disabilities and Meditation and Mysticism. During this time, she was blessed to see the effects of a loving yoga practice in both herself and others. Her passion for yoga deepened immensely after becoming a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. He, Mallory believes, brought Santosha Yoga into her life.

The gifts bestowed from Sunny and her team have completely transformed her life; from dealing with chronic fibromyalgia to now living a pain-free life of joy and gratitude. She hopes to fully pay this gift forward one day. She will continue working with children to create a kinder future. Her ultimate goal? To open a yoga clinic and school for underserved populations dealing with dis-eases of all kinds. Yoga is for everyone and she desires to see a day when everyone is for yoga.

Contact: mallorygross[at]

 Yoga teacher directory
Elizabeth Grolle

Indonesia + Thailand + London

I have been practicing yoga for 13 years now and  come  from a dance / movement background. My  love and joy for discovering truth and releasing tension through the vehicle that is the human body has always interested me greatly.

I have  worked closely with people from most sporting disciplines and teach the system of yoga that encourages the individual to find their own truth. Trained and well versed in most styles of yoga including hatha, dynamic flow, ashtanga, yin yoga, yoga therapy, anasura, tripsichore, yogamonks, jivamukti influenced and Satyagraha Yoga asana.

  • Yoga for fitness, heath, well-being, maintenance and Yoga for Yoga
  • The discovery of our own unique bliss found through the vehicle of the human body , the chakra system, breath, meditation and bhakti (devotion)
  • Yoga is the perfect compliment to all sporting disciplines and life styles.

I teach all levels including beginners through to super advanced. Specializing in one-to-one programs for athletes and sports people. I have had  many years experience of working with people with physical Injuries, specific health problems and helping  them to develop personal fitness and / or Yoga programs.

One to One

I work with the physical, mental, spiritual and ‘Pranic Energy’ levels of each Individual. Specializing in One-to-One yoga tuition training and development in the London, Thailand and Bali SE Asia .

Where and when…
I am available to  teach from your home or work place. To find out more or to book private classes please contact me via elizabethgrolle[at]